HOP members

Here are some members of HOP project. Site of observers spots:

Patrik Trnčák Patrik Trnčák

He is leader of HOP project. He make Parhelium magazine, collect all Czech observations of halos and other phenomena. He like king size cirrostratus and complete parhelic circle. His dream is Tricker arc (big X on atnhelion point). He made Halo Guide of all know halo forms for Czech readers. He like too: cycling, writing (story) and sleep.

Martin Popek Martin Popek

Is very active HOP member, because he has good meteorological conditions. He likes circumzenith arc and he want to see eliptical halo. His hobby are: ice hockey, astronomy (mainly comets), parties and fishing. He doesn't like clouds without halos and working.

Roman Maňák Roman Maňák

Next of very active HOP members. He likes ice halos, comets (calculate comets trajectory) and he is photograph of clouds (his the best cloud is Cumulonimbus). He was created this page, but he isn't webmaster now. He have project for Stormchasers too. He goes in to a observatory in Zdanice for study of astronomy.

Tomáš Tržický Tomáš Tržický

He is an observer of halos since 1998. He made first web site of atmospheric phenomena. He goes in to the Stefanik observatory in Prague as demonstrator. Web site of Tomas was my first help of study atmospheric phenomena.

Kateřina JůzováKateřina Jůzová

First lady in project HOP. She had very nice and complet parhelic circle at high elevation of Sun. She send some observations for HOP project. She likes nature, parapsychology, mystery of Atlantis and she plays on guitar and other musical tools. She studies chemistry and pharmaceutics and like dancing.

Jan Kondziolka Jan Kondziolka

He is fireman, astronomer and HOP member in one person. He likes quality photos and he has some of his photos on internet galleries. He likes photograph of girls or actions of firemen and interesting day time or night time sky.

Martin Vilášek Martin Vilášek

Next HOP member. He likes halos and night sky too. He is demonstrator in Ostrava observatory. He likes sunrise and photos of sun pillars. He doesn't like hurry in work on Friday.

Petr Skřehot Petr Skřehot

He is leader of MOR (Meteorologická Operativní Rada - Meteorological Operate Society). He photograph clouds and his photos are in his web site Atlas of clouds. He likes too: ice halos, hats, smoking cigars and drinking good drinks.

Vladimír Odvářka Vladimír Odvářka

His big hobby is photography, therefore he observes ice halos. He observe in Ceske Budejovice, where he studies and working now. He likes too: cycling, camping, aquarium, speleology and mountaineering.

Martin JankovičMartin Jankovič

Stormchaser, halo observer and photograph from Brno. He likes cycling, playing of tenis and he is interesting for trains. Now he studies school of information technology.

Lukáš KošárekLukáš Košárek

Friend of M. Jankovic from Brno too. He studies the same school as M. Jankovic. He observes ice halos and he likes cycling and sport shooting.

Marek KolasaMarek Kolasa

He started as amateur astronomer in Ostrava observatory in year 1987. He is demonstrator now and he is partner (to 1995 as leader) of summer astronomy expedition in Úpice. He is leader of APO (Amatérská Prohlídka Oblohy - Amateur Sky Survey). He likes music (Pink Floyd, U2 and Roling Stones), books and magazines, drive car, cycling, tenis and mountains.

Zdeněk GábaZdeněk Gába

He live in Sumperk with wife. He is engine driver. He likes meteorology and photography. He photograph ice halos from locomotive. He is sending of some observations to HOP.