Halos, evincible observing in Czech republic

Common halos:
22 halo, 46 halo, upper and lower tangent arcs, circumzenit atc, supralateral arc, parhelic circle, sun pillar, 22 parhelia.

Rare halos:
Infralateral arc (first report by Martin Popek, 23.3.2005), Parry suncave and sunvex arcs, lower Lowitz arc, Moilanen arc (Ivo Brezina, January 2003), anthelion (V.Lahoda, February 1945), 120° parhelia, 9° halo (Martin Popek, 16.9.1997), 9° lower parhelion (Lukáš Košárek, 3.9.2005), 18° halo (Patrik Trncak, January 2004), 18° parhelia (Patrik Trncak, 29.8.2004), 23° upper parhelion (Patrik Trncak, 19.8.2005), 24° halo (Lukáš Košárek, 3.9.2005), 35° halo (Patrik Trncak, 19.8.2005), subsun, subparhelia, subparhelic circle (Patrik Trncak, 15.9.2004).

Mayby halos:
Upper Tape arc, blue spot on parhelic circle, Hevel halo, halo around anthelion and etc.